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Read or Condemn Yourself to Death by Ignorance

For those courageous souls brave enough to look and see what is,

who are unwilling to blindly accept

the lies and rules of tyrannical authority.

The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.

One word of truth outweighs a world of lies.

Wednesday 2nd September 2020


Hope this finds you fit and well. Now we have said goodbye to Winter and welcome to Spring let’s look to better times. Economically and politically as well as weather wise!

Here is a sampling of what crossed my digital desk over the last week.

Single And Looking

A 1984 Interview With Yuri Bezmenov

I Keep Hearing It Takes A Village

Know Your Rights

Death Stats Victoria 2010-2020

COVID-19 The Great Reset

Dolores Cahill - Time For Change Protest Dublin

Artists Push Society Up

Berlin 20200829

Quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Myth Of Overpopulation

Trudeau government gag order in CIA brainwashing case silences victims, lawyer says

Ten Stages Of Genocide

What is gaslighting and why is this being attempted on the population?

I hope you get something from it!


Single And Looking
Single And Looking

I think if I did this I WOULD be single and looking!

A 1984 Interview With Yuri Bezmenov
Yuri Bezmenov

Explains the process of subversion of a country.

I Keep Hearing It Takes A Village
I Keep Hearing It Takes A Village

Know Your Rights
Know Your Rights

This is why each day I post a Youth For Human Rights Video.

Death Stats Victoria 2010-2020
Death Stats Victoria 2010-2020

COVID-19 The Great Reset
COVID-19 The Great Reset

This book, by the founder of the World Economic Forum (the institution that partnered with the WHO to declare a pandemic of international concern in March, and is behind the call to impose lockdowns on the majority of the world’s population) states openly that the virus itself is of little concern, and that lockdown measures will continue indefinitely to push through automation and digital technologies that benefit corporations at the expense of the poor and the third world.

The billionaires are not hiding that they benefit from the pandemic response while millions are being starved, deprived of their livelihoods, and kept apart from their families and communities.

The CDC and UN have stated openly that many more people have died or become ill, and will continue to do so, as a result of lockdown measures that have been affected by the virus itself.

Non-cooperation and saying I Do Not Consent are not going to stop this. The whole system that allows this violence to continue needs to be burned to the ground. The media, education, political, legal, banking, trade, medical and industrial systems all need to go.

An excerpt:
“In one form or another, social- and physical-distancing measures are likely to persist after the pandemic itself subsides, justifying the decision in many companies from different industries to accelerate automation.

After a while, the enduring concerns about technological unemployment will recede as societies emphasize the need to restructure the workplace in a way that minimizes close human contact.

Indeed, automation technologies are particularly well suited to a world in which human beings can’t get too close to each other or are willing to reduce their interactions. Our lingering and possibly lasting fear of being infected with a virus (COVID-19 or another) will thus speed the relentless march of automation, particularly in the fields most susceptible to automation.

In 2016, two academics from Oxford University came to the conclusion that up to 86% of jobs in restaurants, 75% of jobs in retail and 59% of jobs in entertainment could be automatized by 2035.

These three industries are among those the hardest hit by the pandemic and in which automating for reasons of hygiene and cleanliness will be a necessity that in turn will further accelerate the transition towards more tech and more digital.

There is an additional phenomenon set to support the expansion of automation: when “economic distancing” might follow social distancing. As countries turn inward and global companies shorten their super-efficient but highly fragile supply chains, automation and robots that enable more local production, while keeping costs down, will be in great demand.

The process of automation was set in motion many years ago, but the critical issue once again relates to the accelerating pace of change and transition: the pandemic will fast-forward the adoption of automation in the workplace and the introduction of more robots in our personal and professional lives.

From the onset of the lockdowns, it became apparent that robots and AI were a “natural” alternative when human labour was not available. Furthermore, they were used whenever possible to reduce the health risks to human employees. At a time when physical distancing became an obligation, robots were deployed in places as different as warehouses, supermarkets and hospitals in a broad range of activities, from shelf scanning (an area in which AI has made tremendous forays) to cleaning and of course robotic delivery a soon-to-be important component of healthcare supply chains that will in turn lead to the “contactless” delivery of groceries and other essentials.

As for many other technologies that were on the distant horizon in terms of adoption (like telemedicine), businesses, consumers and public authorities are now rushing to turbocharge the speed of adoption. “

This is from the Conclusion to the book, page 247.

“There is no denying that the COVID-19 virus has more often than not been a personal catastrophe for the millions affected by it, and for their families and communities. However, at a global level, if viewed in terms of the percentage of the global population affected, the corona crisis is (so far) one of the least deadly pandemics the world has experienced over the last 2000 years. In all likelihood, unless the pandemic evolves in an unforeseen way, the consequences of COVID-19 in terms of health and mortality will be mild compared to previous pandemics. At the end of June 2020, COVID-19 has killed less than 0.006% of the world population. To put this low figure into context, the Spanish flu killed 2.7% of the world’s population and HIV/AIDS 0.6%”

Dolores Cahill - Time For Change Protest Dublin
Dolores Cahill - Time For Change Protest Dublin

The Irish are leading the way!

Artists Push Society Up
Artists Push Society Up

Berlin 20200829
Berlin 20200829

We made it. We had to overcome a lot of bad barriers but we made it, legal, peacefull and with love.

We listened to JFK jun and he was pretty sure that the press will tell tomorrow that he had spoken to thousands of Nazis today. The Black PR this media used is to call all of us Nazis. I haven’t seen one.

We haven’t seen any violence from the people and there where enough provocations. They had all the stones laying out like in the US and not one got used. Even when they have put us in a trap where it was impossible to keep distant when everybody was walking on a street which got smaller and smaller and they locked the street and people kept moving into this street. Here they stopped the demonstration walk but not the demonstration itself how the media interpreted it. We found our way through all the roads to the main place.

Therefore I can’t say how many people were there as they were everywhere, in every street, in every park. I’m pretty sure it was more then last time and that were 1.3 million. I assume we were 2-3 million.

The media needs to put the numbers down as there’s something like a rule, if a protest is about 10% of the people the majority skips and others are changing their mind and their ideas. That’s why they try to put it down, promote false numbers and put every bad barrier there which they can get hold of.

At the moment we have 130 lawyers running for justice and to end this criminal system.

We have over 1000 doctors who can proof the false system. We have policemen who spoke out and lost their jobs and continuing to speak out. I’m proud of these Germans and we’re just starting. Love you. We’re going to get our world back and this time better then ever before.

Quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson

Each man has his own vocation; his talent is his call. There is one direction in which all space is open to him.

The Myth Of Overpopulation
The Myth Of Overpopulation

My personal opinion is that anyone who cannot conceive of an idea better than depopulation to solve the many problems we have with the current civilization, and I do use that term loosely, is so unintelligent and devoid of constructive ideas that they should remove themselves from the gene pool to raise the average intelligence level of society. Are you listening Bill Gates?

Trudeau government gag order in CIA brainwashing case silences victims, lawyer says
Jean Steel

Forty years after revelations that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency funded brainwashing experiments on unsuspecting Canadians, the Trudeau government is continuing a pattern of silencing the victims, a lawyer for one of the families says.

Ten Stages Of Genocide
Ten Stages Of Genocide

Nikki posts:

Stage...6? Careful folks, it’s a slippery slope we’re on, and hard to see what’s happening. The manipulation is so extreme that most think that what they are doing/allowing is right and just. But the world we are heading into if this continues is not going to be one you want to live in. It’s certainly not going to protect you.

If you want to protect people - TRULY protect all humans and keep them healthy - perhaps start listening a little more to your friendly neighborhood “conspiracy theorist”. They are talking more sense than you know. Get curious.

It might not look like the atrocities you’ve seen on the news, but if you zoom out, it’s happening. It’s insidious. It’s hiding in plain site. It’s strategic. It’s intentional. This is happening, my friends.

And so, we are turning against each other. We are in a war. We are massively discriminating against those who oppose or have questions, giving up our basic rights, participating in a MASSIVE transfer of wealth and power to corporations masquerading as altruistic organizations and allowing our humanity to be taken away.

Meanwhile, MILLIONS are and have been dying every day from food insecurity, malnutrition, lack of clean water, pollution, literal oxicity/poisoning,/medical contamination --> cancer, iatrogenic injury from the pharmaceutical medical machine, addiction, suicide and loneliness, the list goes on.

All these things are now predicted to rise exponentially because of what we are doing right now.

What is gaslighting and why is this being attempted on the population?
Gaslight 1944 Trailer

Have you ever asked yourself, ’am I crazy?’ If you have ever asked yourself that, you’re not crazy. You’re most likely being gaslighted.

Gaslighting is a devious, despicable, and unconscionable form of psychological abuse, aimed at controlling a person by altering reality to the point where the person will doubt their own sanity.

Never listen to the people who tell you that you are crazy, because you are not, you’re being gaslighted.

So we ask ourselves, who is doing the gaslighting and are they crazy?

They are crazy, so crazy that they see what they believe instead believing what they see.

They are a vile, vicious, volatile, pestilent, highly visible conspicuous miniscule, minority that wields their influence through violence, intimidation, lying, fear, scapegoating and ostracization.

The term “gaslighting” comes from a 1930’s play called Gas Light. The main character in the play literally tries to drive his wife crazy by gradually dimming the gas-powered lights in their home. When she notices the lights dimming, her husband not only denies that the lights are dimming, he convinces her that she is imagining it to the point where she questions her own sanity.

We are living in a perpetual state of gaslighting. The false reality (fake news) that we get from the vast majority of the media is at complete odds with what we are seeing with our own two eyes. And when we question the false reality that we are being presented, or we claim that what we see is that actual reality, we are vilified as racist or bigots or just plain crazy.

You’re not racist, nor a bigot. You’re not crazy. You’re being gaslighted.

New York State has twice as many deaths from Covid-19 than any other state, and New York has accounted for one fifth of all Covid-19 deaths, but we are told that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has handled the pandemic better than any other governor. But if we support policies of Governors whose states had only a fraction of the infections and deaths as New York, we’re called anti-science and want people to die.

So, we ask ourselves, am I crazy, anti-science? No, you’re being gaslighted.

We see mobs of people looting stores, smashing windows, setting cars on fire and burning down buildings, but we are told that these demonstrations are peaceful protests. And when we call this destruction of our cities, riots, we are called racists.

So, we ask ourselves, am I crazy or a racist? No, you’re being gaslighted.

We see the major problem destroying many inner-cities is crime; murder, gang violence, drug dealing, drive-by shootings, armed robbery, but we are told that it is not crime, but that the police that are the problem in the inner-cities. We are told we must de-fund the police and remove law enforcement from crime-riddled cities to make them safer. But if we advocate for more policing in cities overrun by crime, we are accused of being white supremacists and racists.

So, we ask ourselves, am I crazy, am I a white supremacist? No, you’re being gaslighted.

The United States of America accepts more immigrants than any other country in the world. The vast majority of the immigrants are “people of color”, and these immigrants are enjoying freedom and economic opportunity not available to them in their country of origin, but we are told that the United States is the most racist and oppressive country on the planet, and if we disagree, we are called racist and xenophobic.

So, we ask ourselves, am I crazy, a xenophobe? No, you’re being gaslighted.

Capitalist countries are the most prosperous countries in the world. The standard of living is the highest in capitalist countries. We see more poor people move up the economic ladder to the middle and even the wealthy class through their effort and ability in capitalist countries than any other economic system in the world, but we are told capitalism is an oppressive system designed to keep people down.

So, we ask ourselves, am I crazy, is Capitalism oppressive? No, you’re being gaslighted. Communist countries killed over 200 million people in the 20th century. communist countries strip their citizens of basic human rights, dictate every aspect of their lives, treat their citizens like slaves, and drive their economies into the ground, but we are told that communism is the fairest, most equitable, freest and most prosperous economic system in the world.

So, we ask ourselves, am I crazy, do communists treat people like slaves? No, you’re being gaslighted.

The most egregious example of gaslighting is the concept of “white fragility”. You spend your life trying to be a good person, trying to treat people fairly and with respect. You disavow racism and bigotry in all its forms. You judge people solely on the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. You don’t discriminate based on race or ethnicity. But you are told you are a racist, not because of something you did or said, but solely because of the color of your skin. You know instinctively that charging someone with racism because of their skin color is itself racist. You know that you are not racist, so you defend yourself and your character, but you are told that your defense of yourself is proof of your racism.

So, we ask ourselves, am I crazy, do I personify “white fragility”?

No, you’re being gaslighted.

Gaslighting has become one of the most pervasive and destructive tactics in American politics. It is the exact opposite of what our political system was meant to be. It deals in lies and psychological coercion, and not the truth and intellectual discourse.

If you ever ask yourself if you’re crazy, you are not. You’re being gaslighted.

Crazy people aren’t sane enough to ask themselves if they’re crazy.

So, trust yourself and believe what’s in your heart.

Trust your eyes over what you are told.


Until next time,
dream big dreams,
plan out how to achieve them,
be continually executing your plans,
enlist people to your causes,
travel and/or read widely, preferably both,
all the while observing what you observe
rather than thinking what you are told to think,
think well of your fellow man,
take time to help your fellow man,
he sorely needs it and it will help you too,
eat food that is good for your body,
exercise your body,
take time to destress,
and do the important things
that make a difference -
they are rarely the urgent ones!



Most of the content herein has been copied from someone else. Especially the images. My goodness some people are talented at creating aesthetics! The small bits that are of my creation are Copyright 2014-2020 © by Tom Grimshaw - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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