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Read or Condemn Yourself to Death by Ignorance

For those courageous souls brave enough to look and see what is,

who are unwilling to blindly accept

the lies and rules of tyrannical authority.

Wednesday 3rd April 2019


Hope this finds you fit and well!

Here is a sampling of what crossed my digital desk over the last week.

Article 19 UDHR

What Will It Take?

Vaccine Insanity In The USA 2019

Herd Immunity Explained

Aluminium And 5G

Gun Control

Truth Is

I hope you get something from it!


Article 19 UDHR
Article 19 UDHR

If we do not stand up for our rights and defend our right to exercise them they will surely be eroded and we will be left without them.

What Will It Take?

I posted a comment recently on FB to which someone asked my opinion, was it hopeless?

This was the guts of my response. I have added slightly to it.

I am currently asking myself the all important four word question (as well as discussing it with my daughter) “What will it take?”

To get vaccines from poisoning our children. To get fluoride out of the water. To stop destroying farmland for coal. To stop destroying our aquifers for gas. To stop the sell off of our farms, electricity and other assets to foreign nationals.

All of which I consider insane.

All these non-optimum conditions occur because someone gains from them.

The conclusion I have come to is nothing happens by chance.

Everything happens because it benefits someone - follow the money.

JFK said “There are no accidents in politics.”

I can see three reasons that politicians vote for these insanities. All require that they do not look for themselves.

I. They have been fed a steady stream of lies so they believe them. 2. They are lobbbied by representatives of donors to their reelections campaigns so are swayed in that direction. 3. They are given or promised or otherwise stand to obtain personal gain by votring a certain way.

Since it is hard to convince a man to change his mind when his livelihood depends on him maintaining his existing point of view and donations to political parties by corporations are allowed (let alone the guy who sold the port of Darwin to the Chinese is now employed by that company at a salary of $800,000 a year) then I do not believe putting the facts in front of our elected representatives will make much difference.

I beieve it will take educating and enlightening a sufficiently large enough group of active people so that the demand to change will overwhelming. That can take a long or a little time, depending on how effective we are at communicating the necessity to upset the status quo - which most are reluctant to embrace.

So anything you can do to “foward the message” in the way of reposting what I post, signing up for my newsletter ( so you have those on file and can refer to them, seaching my blog ( or just engaging others in conversation adds to the movement.

Vaccine Insanity In The USA 2019
Vaccine Insanity In The USA 2019

This comes under the heading of, “If you’re not angry yet you’re not paying attention!”

and the next post I read said that the US Senate has blocked a bill that would require doctors to ’exercise the same degree of professional skill, care and diligence to preserve the life and health’ of an infant, that has survived an abortion. So it’s OK to deliver a live baby then kill it or “allow it to die“. Truly INSANE! Back in my day they called that murder. Hippocrates and his “First, do no harm.” is probably turning over in his grave!

This is SO evil, SO corrupt, SO sickening it is mind boggling how these legislators can distort the ethics of it enough to sleep at night!

The government takes money under threat of force from the population - taxation.
The US government (and the Australian government, thanks Julie Bishop!) use those tax proceeds to fund Planned Parenthood.
Planned Parenthood counsel and facilitate abortions, murdering the population. So we the people are paying to have our next generation murdered.
The harmaceutical industry buys the body parts of aborted babies, including those dissected alive in the mother’s womb.
This aborted fetal tissue is used to make vacccines.
Aborted fetal tissue in vaccines has been scientifically proven to cause autism.
The vaccines are coerced onto the population. So now we are funding the disablement of our children.
Planned Parenthood then pays the legislators to facilitate their being able to kill more babies and make more profit. So now we’re paying our lawmakers to make laws to facilitate more murder.

I mean, how insane is this system! It’s the sickest Murder for Money game in town!

I read somewhere that if you were looking for hell and found Earth, it would suffice. The evidence clearly supports that viewpoint!

We really need to get more active come election time and boot these crooks out of office.

If you vote in US elections, here’s the list showing your representative voted:

Herd Immunity Explained
Herd Immunity Explained

Aluminium And 5G
Aluminium And 5G

Worth thinking about...

Gun Control

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on the value of gun control and a lot on the value of having a gun and it got me to thinking.

All too often you cannot trust what a person says, you have to look at their actions and what the results will be of their proposed actions.

A person who wants to harm you wants you defenceless, powerless to stop them.

A person who wants you to survive wants you smarter, stronger, more powerful and capable of defending yourself against any and all who would harm you.

The American fathers wanted their citizenry to be able to defend themselves again foreign invaders and domestic tyranny. So they enshrined into the basic fabric of the foundational documents of the country that all citizens should be able to arm themselves.

The people who would take away this right point to the mass murders purpetrated and blame the gun. They compeltely ignore the number of would be mass murderers who are prevented in their aims by a single armed citizen present.

Good people with guns are not the problem. They are the solution! It is no good disarming the good people. That just removes from every potential mass shooting a person who could stop it. The bad will always get guns. Same as they get drugs now. Despite the drugs being illegal.

So the net result of removing guns from the good people is to prevent them from being able to defend themselves and others. In other words to make them potential victims. Whatever glossy, sugar coated rhetoric is mouthed, the net result of disarmament is to make a population unarmed and unable to defend themselves against individual lunatics, tyrannical governments or invasion.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

I have seen various reports that sum the total number of people killed by their own government last century. Some 220 million. It could be said that on the basis of those figures that the greatest threat to a person’s life is not a terrorist but their own government!

These governments that murdered millions of their populations last century had gun confiscation programs in place prior to their genocides.

Switzerland has one of the highest rates of gun ownership and one of the lowest gun homicide rates in the world.

The city Kennesaw in the USA once again was in the news on May 1, 1982, when the city unanimously passed a law requiring “every head of household to maintain a firearm together with ammunition.” After passage of the law, the burglary rate in Kennesaw declined and even today, the City has the lowest crime rate in Cobb County. ...from 1982 through 2009, Kennesaw had been nearly murder free with one murder occurring in 2007.

So guns are not the problem. Lack of a gun in the right hands at the right time is the problem.

But people who do not want you to be able to protect yourself will tell you different.

Especially the government. They want to be the only ones able to use force. They don’t like competition.

Truth Is

If I held out a stick and said, “This is a stick.” few would disagree.

If I held out a rock and said, “This is a rock.” likewise, few would disagree.

If I held out a stick and said, “This is a rock.” most people would form the opinion that I was nuts. Because I was disagreeing with their reality. That has been the test of sanity these many years past. If you disagree with most people’s reality you are classed as insane. And reality is basically agreement.

A stick is not a rock. A rock is not a stick. Claiming a stick is a rock or a rock is stick is stating a lie. It is an insanity.

The Creator (or, if you don’t believe that, evolution) gave us two genders and only two genders. We were given them for a reason. Many reasons in fact. It takes one of each to make a pair. Pairs mate and we have successive generations. The species survives. It’s been very simple and has worked for man and beast since the game began.

Saying different does not change natural laws. Doing different does not change natural laws. If we had nothing but men pairing with men and women pairing with women the race would die out in a single generation. Therefore that is unworkable as a standard operating basis. Despite the loud protestations to the contrary of those who would violate the natural laws.

There is a legal principle that ignorance of the law is no defence. Ignorance offers no protection. That may very well have come from observation of natural laws. You can be ignorant of gravity and still fall to your death.

One of the things I learned not so long ago was that the most valuable thing I could do for a person was to increase their certainty. You may have met someone who was very uncertain of any statement you made and tried to shake your certainty in that and other things. That person meant you no good.

This society took a seriously wrong turn in 1879 when a German professor Wundt said man was not a spiritual being, he was an animal. So the thousands of years of accepted wisdom has gradually been eroded since then to the point where many people are not aware that they are a spirit inhabiting a body, they think they are a body.

A lot of gender confusion could be very easily understood if a person was to be aware that they have lived before. Sometimes in a male body. Sometimes in a female body. So if a person was somehow “hung up” in a past life where they had a body of a different sex and still, to some degree, thinking that the previous life is now, then of course they could get some gender confusion.

But to start spreading that sort of confusion into the world of 5 and 6 year olds is pure evil. It does nothing to increase their certainty, everything to shake it and it cannot bode well for the future of this civilisation.


Until next time,
dream big dreams,
plan out how to achieve them,
be continually executing your plans,
enlist people to your causes,
travel and/or read widely, preferably both,
all the while observing what you observe
rather than thinking what you are told to think,
think well of your fellow man,
take time to help your fellow man,
he sorely needs it and it will help you too,
eat food that is good for your body,
exercise your body,
take time to destress,
and do the important things
that make a difference -
they are rarely the urgent ones!



Most of the content herein has been copied from someone else. Especially the images. My goodness some people are talented at creating aesthetics! The small bits that are of my creation are Copyright 2014-2018 © by Tom Grimshaw - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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